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Welcome to Wandering Terra 👋

This is a place of many things: the aroma of coffee, the whip and whizz of the written word, of night drives and plane tickets, of early mornings and late nights, a few too many quotes and some good ol’ life lessons, accompanied by their associated mistakes and successes. This is my exploration of the world, including the days when the world is as simple as a mug of coffee and a book on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s a big life-lasagne, layers of cosy and layers of adventure, topped with curiosity and wonder for the world.

What’re we here for?

If I’m to write myself a proper introduction, it would be uncharacteristic to not start by talking about goals. If I’m ever not dreaming of the future, or chatting on about goals, routines and the like, you can bet that I’ve been abducted by aliens and replaced with a fake (and not a very good one at that).

The life I’m trying to live entails travelling the world, exploring, meeting people, experiencing cultures whilst also trying to save the planet, smash personal and career goals and staying happy, healthy and growing – and sharing it with all of you, so you can seek out and create adventures of your own. Nothing too grand.

This is the journey I invite you to join.

Where can we get together?

You’ve already found my blog (and a big big BIG welcome and thank you for being here). You’ll find it split up into three themes: travel, self-growth, and lifestyle (which essentially means we can talk a little bit of everything!). But I write about a whole host of things, so find a cosy spot, grab a coffee (tea, juice, cocktail or whichever other tasty beverage you can get your hands on) and let’s explore the world.

To catch up on the daily, follow me on Twitter. I post updates and extensions of what’s going on on the blog, pretty pictures, lofty thoughts, many quotes, behind the scenes and all that juicy good stuff.

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Feel free to contact me with your thoughts, suggestions and anything you think I might like here on the blog, on my socials or at my email – I’d love to hear from you.

Explore to your heart’s content and stay awhile.

All my love, Ella xx