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GUEST BLOG // Become Your Healthiest Self: Tips for the 6 Areas of Self-Care

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This post is written by the lovely Lauren Hollie (find her details at the end!), a personal trainer, who owns a fitness, health and lifestyle blog and YouTube channel. Enjoy this post about how to become your healthiest self and make sure to check Lauren Hollie’s platforms out!

I’m sure everyone you speak to would say that they could be or want to be healthier overall in their day to day lives, but the question is, how do you get “healthier”? To me, health isn’t just a physical thing, but also mental, so I think it’s important to focus on being healthy in more ways than one. In my opinion, you can eat a 100% “clean” diet, go for a run every day and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy.

Some of the points I’m going to make might seem very simple and obvious, but others you might not have thought about or considered them to make you healthy or unhealthy. It’s also worth noting that no one can expect to be 100% “healthy” in each category, but it’s likely that they will swap and change depending on what’s going on in your life. If you can pick up and implement a few healthy habits in each area then you’re setting yourself up for becoming your healthiest self.


This one is kinda obvious but super important! It’s recommended that everyone does 30 minutes of exercise daily, and that can make such a difference in how you feel. It doesn’t have to be in the gym, or a run, just focus on moving your body! The biggest thing with this is to find an exercise you actually enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. In summer it’s easy to take yourself out for a walk in the sunshine, but when it’s cooler and/or wet outside, 30 minutes+ of Yoga, Pilates, Dancing or Swimming are all good options! If you don’t enjoy exercising, find something different – I believe there’s something out there for everyone.


Another kinda obvious one but it’s got to be said. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ definitely has some truth in it, but that’s not to say you can’t enjoy ‘treat’ foods. If you struggle with snacking try packing out your meals with extra vegetables to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to live your best life every day! Make sure each meal is a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself sometimes! Your body needs fuelling to function and food shouldn’t be seen as a reward.

Self Development

This is a really important one for mental health! Self-development can be reading books, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries. Consume content that lifts you up and inspires you, and makes you think about ways of living. One of my favourite audiobooks is The Champagne Diet and I’m currently reading Lunar Living which is all about connecting with the moon cycles and setting goals and intentions around the moon. Never stop learning and never be satisfied.

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Self Care

One of the most important! Self-care is important again for your mental health and comes in so many different forms, it doesn’t have to be wearing a face mask or having a bubble bath and getting a massage – although it absolutely can be those things. If you’ve never thought about self-care, I challenge you to do something self-care every single day for the next seven days and see how you feel. Self-care can be a workout your body needs or a Yoga class, meditation, reading, journaling, watching your favourite film. Anything that makes your heart happy and is solely for you! I like to think of Sundays as Self Care Day, but little and often works too if you can’t dedicate a whole day.

Self Reflection

This can go hand in hand with self care. Self reflection is important for maintaining your mental health and ensure you’re in the best place possible – which will then translate to your physical health. Try and evaluate each area of your life: social, career, education, personal, health, etc. Evaluate where you are now – try a scale of 1-10 (1 being very unhappy in that area, 10 being that area is perfect and you wouldn’t change a thing), then set yourself some goals (these can be short and long term) that will help you to improve your score. You can then revisit these monthly, or however often you like. This exercise really helps you to clarify what you want in life and what areas you need to work on.

Meditation / Journaling

This one ties into the points above, but can also stand on its own. If you’ve never meditated, I highly recommend it! It might seem daunting or silly at first, but can make such a difference to your overall wellbeing. It can bring up things you didn’t even know were there and allow you to deal with them and make changes. There are so many guided meditation videos on YouTube, and also lots of podcasts etc on Spotify/Apple/Amazon Music. It doesn’t have to be for long, it could be 5-10 minutes of a breathing meditation first thing in the morning or last thing before bed and I guarantee you’ll feel the difference after making it a habit. I also recommend the Smiling Mind app for guided meditations, but there are other apps out there too.

Journaling is kind of similar, allowing you to uncover hidden thoughts or just set intentions for your day/week/month/year. I get lots of journal prompts from Pinterest. You could also try a brain dump to calm your mind, or try gratitude journaling where you simply list 3 things you’re grateful for each day.

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I hope some of these tips resonate with you and give you some ideas on how you can feel healthier in yourself. It’s so important to remember to look after your mental health as well as your physical health. What does health mean to you?

About the author:

Lauren Hollie is a Personal Trainer and Dancer with a Fitness & Lifestyle blog based in the UK.
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