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Finding New Hobbies: My Ultimate Guide

My ultimate guide for finding new hobbies: girl writes in journal on notepad with paper and pen on a desk in the morning with a cup of coffee as her writing hobby
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Before the world turned upside down, I’d set the goal of finding new hobbies. I knew I needed to find better balance in my life. I found relaxation in social events and chilling with friends. But in my own time I found myself filling every moment with work and ‘being productive’. If I wasn’t working, I’d feel a little lost.

And now, with the recent issues facing the world, I’ve suddenly got more time on my hands, little access to my social life and a lot of time indoors. A combination that somewhat forcing me to confront this. Finding new hobbies and relying on myself, and myself only, to find a good balance between my work and well… fun.

As I journey on this myself, I’ll be turning this hobby quest into a series, so we can develop our hobbies together every step of the way. I’ll link the other blogs in the series at the end.

“If you are losing your leisure, look out! — It may be you are losing your soul.” – Virginia Woolf

What did you love doing as a child?

When you were a kid, you did things for the simple love of doing so. You did things because you felt like it. With little to no expectations or pressures, you acted on whim. And it’s likely, that even today, those same things that interested you as a child will still interest you now. Or at least in some evolution so take it as a starting point.

Your childhood love of finger painting may have evolved into regular painting (although I encourage you to use your hands once in a while too). Imaginary animal friends may have evolved into a love for wildlife documentaries or a want to help out at shelters. Some interests might have stayed exactly the same: once a writer, always a writer.

If you can’t recall much yourself, ask your parents, your siblings and figures from your childhood. You might be surprised what you’ve forgotten.

What hobbies have you forgotten about?

It amazes me that for a couple of years, I completely stopped reading. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when I was cleaning out my room that I stumbled across my book collection. I suddenly realised it had been years since I’d read anything. If you told that to any of my friends now, they’d probably think you were joking.

Maybe it’s a painting you started and never finished. Maybe it’s cycling with that bike you bought and never used. Have a think, ask your family and friends and hunt around your house. You might be surprised at the hobbies and interests past-you fell off of.

What are you frequently drawn to?

How do you spend your time? Are you always scouting new make-up looks on Instagram? Are you watching travel vlogs on YouTube? Do you always stare longingly at the cookbook section of the bookstore? Take note of what you’re drawn to and experiment with that.

I always find wandering round stores, eg. bookstores, craft stores, etc. helpful. See if anything in particular calls to you. There are many lists of hobby ideas floating around the internet, see what catches your eye.

What are the hobbies of people you idolise?

This one can be a little hit or miss. But if you really resonate with someone, it’s pretty likely you have something in common, so it’s also likely that some of their hobbies will interest you. I’ve found myself engrossed in many new topics through people I subscribe to on YouTube. Content creators are the best for this, because their content is often built around their interests and they openly share the things they’re into.

Equally, if this is a person you idolise, adopting some of their habits will move you closer towards the person you want to be. Of course, this doesn’t mean copying them – you don’t want to be their mirror image. You’re you. Use them as a source of inspiration and insight to grow yourself.

What are your friends into?

Friends are always a goldmine for recommendations. And they could surprise you! Some people like to keep their hobbies to themselves or don’t think to talk about them until called upon – so be curious and be interested, you might discover some surprising facts about your friends. I once had a very shy, quiet friend who one day offered me an earphone to share with her. I would never have predicted the screamo or heavy metal that came flooding into my ear, but it opened up a whole new world of conversation for us.

You might unlock a common interest both of you have never tried that you can try together. Or they might introduce you to one of their interests, that you’d never have found otherwise! Sharing a hobby with a friend is a great motivator and becomes a lovely thing to share. It’ll help you both grow faster and enjoy your hobbies more.

Hopefully this has given you some places to seek motivation from finding new hobbies. Always seeking new interests is a great way to grow, to meet new people and just to have some fun. Other hobby posts to check out:

I hope you find an interest you can’t put down. Love, Ella-Rose x

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