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12 Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List 2020

12 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List 2020 - a row of six mason jar, kilner jars, stand on a table filed
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Summer’s the time to really appreciate the outside. Coming from a country where three of the seasons (and sometimes even the summer too) consist mainly of rain, summer’s always been a time of soaking up as much sun as possible before the clouds return. So, here I’ve dreamt up a summer bucket list 2020 so you can enjoy everything the summer has to offer.

That’s exactly why I dream these bucket lists up. The fact that the leaves change colour and the weather acts differently all because we’re on a big lump of rock that points wonkily at the big ball of fire it’s spinning around is all quite magical to me. And, if you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ll know I’m a sucker for an aesthetic – what better inspiration to have than the seasons?

(I’ve kept this year’s COVID-19 safe!)

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


What better way to start than with a good ol’ BBQ. There’s nothing that beats that BBQ smell on a sunny summer’s afternoon in the garden. Pop on some summer tunes and enjoy a meal al fresco. Especially with COVID-19 measures still in place, having people over to spend time outside is a great way to safely socialise.

Travel somewhere new

Of course, travel’s a little difficult right now but, if you can travel, even just for a weekend getaway, there’s no better time to do it. Travel’s great at any time of year and in any kind of weather, but the summer’s sun gives you more options for how to spend your time.

Go for a hike

I love a good walk, it’s a great opportunity to explore your area and appreciate where you live. Not to mention that getting out and about, especially in the nice weather is great for your physical and mental health. Take a picnic with you to stop for a break and soak up the sites during your walk.

Go swimming

Grab your bathing suit and head wherever you can to go swimming, whether it’s at your local swim centre, a nearby river or heading to the beach. Again, this one’s great exercise and if you can swim outside, it’s a great way to enjoy being out, whilst keeping cool.

Have a bonfire

Approach with caution, but, if you can gather some friends around a bonfire – do it. I’ve made some of my favourite memories dancing around a fire on a summer’s night. It’s a simple pleasure. But please, be safe!

Make ice lollies

Nothing’s more refreshing than an ice lolly on a summer’s afternoon. So why not make your own? It’s as simple as adding juice, a smoothie or any kind of liquid (latte lollies, anyone?) to ice lolly moulds and freezing overnight. Since you can control what goes in them, these will often be healthier than store-bought versions and you can get more creative with the flavours!

Start growing a plant/herb/fruit

It’s the season of the green thumb! Growing something can be a great project and a peaceful little habit to add to your day. Whether it’s a plant, herb, flower, fruit or an entire garden, bring a new bit of greenery into your life. I was gifted a little bonsai a few weeks ago, who’s become by far my most demanding plant, but I love taking a few minutes each morning to tend to him (yes, a him – his name’s Jet).

Make your favourite summer drink

I feel like everyone has a favourite summer beverage that they save for sunny afternoons. I’m not usually someone to drink many different drinks, water and coffee do me just fine, but making a special drink can spice up an afternoon. I love a good fruit smoothie or if I’m opting for something a little saucier, a g&t or a pitcher of fruity red sangria suits me fine.

Go stargazing

This might be one to couple with a camping trip or the bonfire we spoke about earlier. Head somewhere free of light pollution and immerse yourself in the endlessness of space. It’s a great time for reflection and crazy life talks if you bring company. A simple, but incredible, way to spend a night.

Play an outdoor team sport

Rally up some friends and get out to do something active! It doesn’t have to be competitive, it could just be a bat and ball in the park. Recently, my friends and I have been loving volleyball. It’s accessible to everyone and can be played as casually or competitively as you like. But there are tons you can choose from! If you’re not a sporty group, pick up a different group hobby. It’s the company that matters, after all.

Ice cream

Honestly, need I say more? No summer bucket list, nor summer time is complete without ice cream. I’ve been on the hunt for a good vegan ice cream this summer, so if any fellow vegans need a suggestion, check out the Alpro collection (chocolate hazelnut is incredible!) and Swedish Glace – they’re both incredible (and good enough to get approved of and stolen by my non-vegan roomies).

Create a summer playlist

Last, but certainly not least, set the tone for your summer. They’re called summer anthems for a reason. Summer’s always a big music period for me and I like to collect my summer songs into a big playlist every year. It makes previous years fun to look back on (so. much. indie.) and creates a big wave of nostalgia when I do.

Need more inspiration? Here’s my bucket list for Spring, too.

Make sure to add ideas from your summer bucket list in the comments! Love, Ella-Rose xx

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  • Amber Page

    Ooo bonfires are one of my favourite things! This is such a great list!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

  • Holly

    It definitely feels like summer when the BBQ is fired up!! I also love sitting in the garden after work with a nice cold drink during the summer and watching the wildlife 🙂 xx

    • Ella-Rose

      Yes! Me too 🙂 Such a lovely way to relax xx

  • Thanks for sharing your summer bucket list most of these sound perfect 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

    • Ella-Rose

      Glad you think so, Nic! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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