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My Cosy Autumn Bucket List 2020

My Cosy Autumn Bucket List 2020 - grey reading socks sat on stairs surrounded by a pumpkin, book, coffee, autumn leaves, and blanket to create an autumn vibe and enjoy the autumn season
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Another season, another bucket list. This time around, it’s my autumn bucket list, and I couldn’t be more excited. Autumn’s definitely my favourite season. I love every season for its character, but I look forward to autumn all year round. The UK doesn’t have your traditional autumnal weather (it tends to be more muddy and rainy than anything else), but that’s never stopped me getting into the autumn spirit. We still have the crunchy orange leaves, the drizzly evenings, the sunny but crisp mornings, and a whole bunch of activities to bring the autumnal vibe regardless of the weather. Let’s jump into my autumn bucket list.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

Bake something warming

Autumn’s probably my second favourite time of the year for baking, only topped by Christmas (can anything beat a mince pie?). The chilliness of the air and the smell of the leaves begs for someone to throw cinnamon at it. Last year, I perfected a vegan pumpkin loaf recipe – this year I might tackle choc chip cookies or cinnamon rolls (very likely both!).

Swap out your wardrobe

Now the summertime weather is beginning to leave us, it’s time to pull those scarves and knitted jumpers out of storage. Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons for fashion, not too hot and not too cold. Being able to brave the outdoors in only a jacket or jumper is a blessing. It’s also a great time to go through your wardrobe, decluttering, experimenting, and even treating yourself to something new. Blanket scarves and boots here I come.

Get Halloween ready

Getting Halloween prepped should be on every autumn bucket list. Grab (or even better, make!) some decor to decorate once October 1st comes, decide on your Halloween plans and costume, compile your ultimate horror film list. It might not be upon us yet, but we can get in the mood anyway.

Find some new hearty recipes

As the weather cools and the evenings darken, it’s time to bring out the hearty stews, the comforting soups, all the warm stodgy meals. Use seasonal ingredients, like pumpkin, squashes, sweet potatoes, essentially, anything orange! I always love cooking these meals, having a big pan of something warming bubbling on the stove is such a comfort in the low light of an autumn evening.

Go for walks (lots of walks!)

Not only is autumn a gorgeous month to be out walking (I can hear the crunch already), but it’s also the year’s last chance to walk unburdened by heavy coats, hats and gloves. There’s something in the air in autumn, I think it’s when the chill first takes to the air that everything starts feeling clearer, crisper and those still mornings where the sun’s shining are a blessing. If you can get somewhere with lots of trees, even better.

Find a new warm beverage

You’ve got your classic pumpkin spiced lattes and any good ol’ coffee brew tastes fantastic on a chilly morning or evening, but it can be nice to experiment with new comforting drinks as we break into the colder months. A new favourite of mine has been golden milk, it’s got all your warm spices in it, looks the part and the turmeric (trust me, it’s better than you’d expect) has some really great health benefits. Otherwise, I’d advise trying herbal teas, hot cider (or pressed apple juice) or hot cocoa. Suggestions welcome in the comments!

Explore a city

Like I said, autumn is the perfect time for walking, which makes it the perfect time for exploring too. Outside of the tourist season, roam free in a new city and get to know it. Especially with this year’s travel restrictions, now’s the perfect time to escape for a weekend staycation in a new city. I’m (as this posts!) exploring London for a couple of nights. Getting away from home even for a quick weekend getaway is so refreshing and can be a ton of fun.

Treat yourself to an autumnal candle

Whether you’re an incense, candle or even potpourri (you can even make your own!) lover, get something autumn scented and make your space as cosy as can be. The warmth, the sweet or smoky scents. Especially after the blessing of open windows and summer breeze, it’s nice to have something to make your space feel refreshed and, of course, smell delightful.

People watch from a coffee shop

Coffee shops are one of my favourite places in the world. I have a particular one in Brighton right on a busy corner where I can daydream and watch the hustle and bustle of the people outside. There’s nothing more autumnal than the warming smell of coffee, the low lighting of a cafe, and the reflections of the city light off the drizzly pavements outside. I also think it’s a great solo venture, I love to take my laptop and get some work done in a coffee shop or take a book and read for a while. Being alone in a crowd has its own cosiness to it.

Make a cosy playlist

I love folk all year round, but when autumn arrives, I play almost nothing else. There’s something in acoustic guitars and raspy voices that suit the chilly air and evenings spent wrapped up in jumpers and blankets.

Catch up on your reading

Speaking of wrapping up in blankets, is there anything cosier than books on an autumn evening? Opt for something warming and soulful or spooky and thrilling. I’ve got a good few Steven King lined up for the autumn season, and I’m slowly rereading the Harry Potter series, so that’ll keep me occupied in the evenings.

Visit the cinema

I’m not sure why I only tend to head to the cinema in the winter but as another indoor bit of fun, pick a film and see it at the cinema. I love the cinema for seeing blockbusters or anything that’s really visually strong, the big screen makes for such an immersive experience. Plus, popcorn strikes me as the perfect fall food (I like mine homemade with a little icing sugar).

Visit the farmer’s shop

What better time to visit the farmer’s market than harvest time? Stock up on jams, seasonal veg, apples, pumpkins – all the autumn essentials. Not to mention being out in nature to make the most of the autumn weather.

Have a games night

Now the evenings are chilly, the fun’s to be had inside. Invite some friends round for a game night and break out the board games. Throw in some snacks, a couple of drinks if you feel like it and a night of fun awaits.

Our recent favourite has been Betrayal at House on the Hill, which is even themed to fit the spooky season! Players explore a haunted house, discovering new rooms, finding items and facing spooky events until ‘the haunt’ is triggered and one player becomes ‘the traitor’ and turns against the other players, playing out a baddies/monsters vs. heroes scenario. It’s got so many different scenarios and the house is different every time, so every game’s different!

There you have it my autumn bucket list to get you in the mood to make the most of the fall season. What’s your favourite season? What do you look forward to in autumn? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy autumn! Love, Ella-Rose xx

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  • Sarah

    Thanks for some great ideas. Autumn is my favourite season as well.

    • Ella-Rose

      No problem, thanks for commenting. It’s so lovely!

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