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The Importance of Routines For Success and Your Mental Health

Importance of Routines: coffee cup, gold paper clips, pencil and agenda lie on a table ready to create a new routine and ask what are the benefits of a routine?
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I recently discussed routines with a friend who questioned why I stuck to so many routines. And it got me thinking. What is the importance of routines, to me? Yes, they make me healthier and more productive, but that wasn’t why I stuck to them. I realised that at its simplest, routines give me something to look forward to.

My routines guarantee space in my life for all of the things I love. I don’t wake up early because I have to, or even to be more productive – I do it because I love the morning air, the sunlight coming through my blinds and the peace found in a sleeping house. It encourages me to make space for every friend, for time to relax, for each of my hobbies, my work and all the other little habits I want to be part of my life. Out of a routine, I genuinely forget to do these things. Routines help me find balance.

To some, I see how routines can seem restrictive, but that’s where I think many go wrong. It isn’t one size fits all, it’s not even a commitment to something repetitive – it’s just an effort to make every day the best day ever (if you can now hear Spongebob singing in your head now, you’re not alone).

What are the benefits of a daily routine?

Do more of what you love

This, as I’ve said, is my number one reason to advocate for the importance of routines. When I don’t keep to some kind of routine, I end up rushing between ‘have-tos’ and ‘should dos’ and wearing myself out so that my evening’s spent flopped, upside down, scrolling. And that’s fine to do, but it’s not my ideal evening!

Making the most of your time shouldn’t just be for productivity’s sake – doing things you find fun and fulfilling is the key to keeping happy and healthy. But it’s also a great way to achieve your goals – making time everyday to spend with a loved one, cook a healthy dinner in the evening, or pack lunch for tomorrow, getting up earlier so you can read, workout or simply have five quiet minutes to yourself.

Kick bad habits

When you’re in the mindset of someone living their ‘perfect day’, you’ll likely be more resilient and strong against any bad habits you’re trying to kick. Your mood will be higher and you’ll feel more momentum, having already accomplished so much and seeing your ‘dream life’ come into realisation.

How can you kick bad habits? Y’all know I have a guide for that.

Do something meaningful

Much like doing the things you love, planning out your day allows you to add more meaningful actions into your day. When we float aimlessly, we tend to gravitate towards our comfort zones. Which makes a lot of sense, we’re human, we like being comfortable. Comfortable = safe.

But it’s important to push yourself outside of that if you want to grow.

So, making an effort to make plans that push your comfort zone, is going to help you grow twofold. This is so much easier when you’re aware of how you’re spending your time – schedule dates with friends, try new things, explore new places, get out there and do!

Be more productive

I always feel the need to be careful around this topic, as someone who has fallen into periods of attempting to fill each and every second of the day with a to-do for the simple aim of ‘being productive’.

The end result? Burnout. Lots of burnout.

But, routines will make you more productive – they help you practice your discipline, your consistency, your time-keeping, your motivation, your inspiration – and that is excellent. Routines provide you with momentum to stay conscious, to make intentional choices about how you spend your time. And for that, they’re a wonder.

But! Make sure your intentions are good here. Avoid overloading your plate, take your time, enjoy every day and look after yourself.

Avoid pile ups

Routines, as you repeat them, will also help you keep on top of a lot of things – avoiding what I like to call pile ups. Creating the habit of doing a ten minute tidy around your room before you go to bed will help you keep on top of how messy your room gets. Doing a little workout or going for a walk everyday will help contribute to you staying healthy.

These things are much harder to face when we do them sporadically or leave them to pile up into huge jobs. Doing a little everyday works wonders.

Have something to look forward to, everyday

Say goodbye to wishing-for-the-weekend fever. By creating a daily routine, everyday becomes rewarding and includes the things you love (as I realise I’ve said a hundred times in this post already – but it’s important!!!).

Call me crazy, but I look forward to Mondays because I know I love the things I do on Monday – it helps that I love my job, but even if I didn’t I’d find a way to love it, to create something of it. That’s the real importance of routines.

There’s so much content out there saying the importance of routines is just productivity and smashing your goals. And I am a complete supporter of that – but it’s important to keep in mind that routines, really, are there to help you do the things you want to do: productive, healthy and #goals or not.

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, take a peek at some of my other routine-focused posts:

Wishing you the loveliest day. Love, Ella-Rose xx

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  • I found this post really helpful, it is hard to have a routine right now, but after reading the importance I will now be incorporating this into my life.

    • Ella

      I’m so pleased! It’s definitely a difficult time for this, but it’s also a great time for trialling new things and devoting a lot of time to wellness. I hope it benefits you! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Amber Page

    Gosh, I completely agree with you here. I don’t know what I would be doing if I didn’t have a routine it literally makes my day.

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

    • Ella

      They make everyday a little more special, eh? 🙂

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