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Things To Do In Spring: My Spring Bucket List

Things to do in spring: red tractor in field in the sun in the spring outside in nature
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Today’s one of the first days that the grey clouds have cleared the skies. The sun’s shining, although the air’s still crisp and chilly. The sky’s clear and blue. And so, recognising that it finally feels like we’re immersing ourselves into spring, I thought I’d put a little spring bucket list together.

It’s something I like doing, around every season or in the build up to a holiday like Christmas or Halloween. I love immersing in the feel of what’s going on in the world, the excitement and spirit of Christmas, the freedom and joy of summer, the cosiness of Winter.

And I find creating a bucket list a great way to get involved and to make sure the days don’t pass by too quickly. Without intention and written down ideas, I find, seasons and weeks pass so quickly that I don’t end up enjoying the time at all. When I have my ideas written down, it’s much easier to make things happen and do things out of the ordinary, to make the most of every season the Earth has to offer. Let’s jump in, shall we?

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
– Rainer Maria Rilke

My spring bucket list

Watch a sunrise

One advantage of spring? We get our precious daylight back. I, like so many others, find it incredibly difficult to wake up when it’s dark. So when spring begins to invite the sun up earlier, you can bet I’m taking full advantage of it. Make yourself a cup of tea and watch the sunrise from your window (or even better, wrap up, walk somewhere and watch it outside).

Bake spring treats

Winter and autumn have their fair share of amazing baking recipes (pumpkin loaves and mince pies are the keys to my heart). But so does spring! It’s time to make way for the lighter bakes and the sweet fruity treats. I’m thinking lemon drizzle cakes, jam tarts, scones, a good ol’ Victoria sponge (have I ever sounded so British?).

Create a spring cleaning checklist and tick it off

After hibernating indoors all winter, opening the windows and letting some light and air into the house is a blessing. Isn’t there something so inviting about a freshly cleaned house on a sunny spring afternoon? I’ve created my ultimate spring cleaning checklist, if you need some inspiration.

Plant herbs, fruits and vegetables

It’s time to test your green thumb! Spring’s the best time to start planting and after spending months staring longingly at the garden, I’ll do anything to get outside. Even if you don’t have a garden, many plants can grow inside provided there’s enough light. A tomato plant? Fresh herbs? A sunflower? What’ll it be?

Make iced tea

Of course, summer is the season for refreshing drinks. But for me, iced tea is refreshing and comforting, just like spring. And you can even make it flavoured: peach iced tea or lemon iced tea both make interesting twists.

Visit a farmer’s market

Fresh produce, homemade preserves, maybe a little homebrewed cider? I love visiting farmers markets and shops. I’m fortunate enough to be close to many, but if you’re not, and you live in a city, make it a full day out to the countryside and pair it with a picnic or a nature walk.

Buy yourself (or someone else!) flowers

There’s nothing that can brighten up a room like flowers. The colours, the smell. If you want to bring the spring feeling inside, a bunch of flowers is all you need. And of course, they also make excellent gestures, so surprise someone else with a bunch too.

Have brunch outside

The Brit in me attempts to make the most of every second of sunshine, so even though the air can still be a little chilly, you can bet I’m taking my breakfast outside. I love nothing more than I love brunch. Breakfast has got to be my favourite meal of the day, and putting a little more effort into making a cooked breakfast on the weekend and eating al fresco is such a treat. So whether it’s the garden, the balcony or just near an open window: brunch is always a good idea.

Rearrange and reorganise your home

We’ve already mentioned spring cleaning. But beside getting things clean, spring’s also the best time (in my opinion) to get things reorganised. I know I’ll be too busy and active in the summer to really sit down and get things cleared out.

Go for a picnic

Sunshine + food: is there a better combination? Like I said before, eating outside is a treat. So make yourself a packed lunch and head out for a picnic. I know I’ll definitely be doing this one day this spring. Mini vegan quiches here I come.

Paint your nails pastel

It’s a bit of fun. Of course, you can paint your nails whatever colour, but I love spring as an excuse to break those pastels back out. It just feels right. A little bit of colour to remind you it’s still spring on those inevitable rainy days (April, I’m looking at you).

Go for a nature walk

Get outside! I enjoy walking all year round. But there’s something that feels so freeing about not having to bundle up in a hundred layers. And about the lack of mud – that’s appreciated too.

Read a classic outside

I’m not sure why Spring draws me towards classic books. But there’s something about sitting outside with your nose in Jane Eyre or Little Women that feels right. So read a classic or two.

Do a fun DIY

Spring’s a time to be creative and with all this cleaning and baking we’ve discussed, there’s got to be a DIY in there somewhere. Whether it’s a bit of decor, a cooking challenge (I fancy trying my hand at making jam) or a new organisational hack, give something new a go.

Create a new morning routine

Like we said earlier, blessed are we that the mornings are light now. And that’s something to appreciate. So, try mixing up your morning routine (find a little how-to here) and add a little bit of me-time in now it’s easier to get up.

And that’s it, my spring bucket list! What are your plans this spring? Leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear your guys’ ideas 🙂

Happy spring! Love as always, Ella-Rose x

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