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8 Witchy Things To Do: Little Witchy Rituals for Daily Magic

A obsidian pendant sits on a stone table next to a tarot deck, a candle and some other witchy things.
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I’ve always been intrigued by witchy things. It’s an aesthetic that has always called my name (and we know by now how much I love an aesthetic). Some kids loved dinosaurs, some loved robots – my things were witches, fairies and magic. I’d make fairy circles in the garden, read everything fairy related I could get my hands on I collected crystals and stones, kept pretty things in jars and spent a lot of time practising moving things with my mind (still working on that one). Pretty standard kid stuff, but a tell-tale for later all the same. If you were a similarly magic-enamoured kid or if you’re just getting into it now – this blog details the witchy rituals I use today to continue to add a little bit of magic to life.

Before we dive in, know that I won’t be getting into if any of this ‘really works’ – it’s a meaningless debate to me. Whatever you do or don’t believe in, these are fun things to do and they make me feel more conscious and intentional, simply because I’m choosing to take care doing them. The entire focus of witchiness is to connect with yourself and the world, to act from a place of intention and purpose and to appreciate and help the world. Whether your messages come from your subconscious, a god, an ancestor, the universe itself or something else entirely, you’re welcome here.

“To me, a witch is a person that is capable of letting their intuition take hold of their actions, that communes with their environment, that isn’t afraid of facing challenges.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Building Your Intuition with Tarot

Tarot is a practice I picked up last year, that honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. My decks (I have both of these Kim Krans decks) were my companions through a lot of hardship and uncertainty and I’d definitely attribute them with helping me through. It seems magical when you find a card that explains exactly how you’re feeling or the situation you’re facing, but more than that, it’s about opening that dialogue with yourself. The thought you have immediately when you draw a card it triggers thoughts, feelings and realisations you otherwise wouldn’t have had. The more you practice, the quicker and stronger those connections come, as well as appearing more openly in the rest of your life too – it’s an incredible skill to build.

I find comfort too in knowing my deck, in the process of shuffling the cards and I feel like I’m more open now, ready for any messages, tips or realisations to come my way. Tarot has improved my relationship with criticism and taking responsibility and acts now as a stern, but compassionate friend. The cards are never going to tell you to sit glumly in your pity party, it’s all constructive pushes to fix problems, heal and build yourself up.

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I collected crystals as a kid, a random fascination I picked up after being introduced to them for the first time at a school fayre. When I found that collection a couple of years ago, I decided to pick it back up again, but now, with a witchy twist. I use my crystals as powerful reminders of my intentions. I have stones fashioned into jewellery which I’ll choose to wear on days when that particular stone will come in handy. My loose stones I have scattered around my room, energising in their appropriate locations and giving me a knowing nod when I walk past.

  • Selenite with my journals for clarity and freedom from negativity
  • Rose quartz on a central shelf (because everywhere and everything needs love, right?)
  • Citrine with my books and hobby things (and occasionally on my person) for energy and happiness
  • Amethyst by my bed for peacefulness and warding off nightmares
  • Red quartz and chalcedony on my desk for strength and calm, to keep my rather wobbly work-life balance in check

Honestly, you can do this with any object. A pretty stone you found on the beach, a stick or leaf (dry press it!), a piece of jewellery you already own, anything. Attach an intention to it in your mind, place it somewhere on display and remind yourself of it every time you see it.

Potions with food and drink

Don’t think you have to anything really special here (although, if you do – that’s pretty damn cool). I haven’t dived very far into this one very much, but for the last few years I’ve drunk a lot of herbal teas and for me, it’s kinda the same thing. I have certain teas for sleeping (chamomile is a lifesaver), for upset tummies, for needing to relax, for rejuvenation. ‘Potions’ is a loose term and could be as simple as your favourite way of making coffee, the herbs you add to food or the fruit you add to your water.

A simple trick I’ve seen people share is to stir drinks clockwise to wish something and anti-clockwise to ward things off. I’ve found I’m a person who likes to make my thoughts physical, writing them down or doing something to bring the thought out of my head and into the world. So for me, this is a cute little practice you can do anytime, anywhere, that brings peace of mind and focused intention.

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Symbolism with Sigils

I actually only learnt about sigils very recently, but I’m really enjoying learning more about them. Sigils are symbols made to represent a word or phrase in a decorative manner. So say you want good luck on your first day at a new job, you might write a sigil saying ‘good luck’ on some paper and keep it in your pocket. What I love about them is that they can be put and done anywhere – in the corner of a notebook, sewn into clothes, tattooed, traced with your finger. The ideas are limitless. And they can’t be read by other people so if you want to keep them to yourself, they just look like decorative doodles. Here’s a guide on how to draw sigils that I found helpful and also a tool that draws them for you if, like me, you like pretty things, but aren’t particularly artistic.

Follow the Moon Cycles

Again, this is something I’ve only got into recently, but learning about the cycle of the moon has been a really nice project. Now, I can celebrate each stage with a focus on a different aspect of being. For the new moon, I like to set new goals and intentions, do a little cleaning and a refresh and give myself a little burst of inspiration. For the full moon, I reflect on how my goals are progressing, what I can improve and give myself some time and reward to recognise the work I’ve put in since the new moon. Each of the eight phases keeps me thinking about what I’m doing, specifically focused on goals and work and keeps me motivated.

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Healing with Nature

During the struggle that was 2020, I found myself bringing most things in my life back to the fundamental basics. I did a lot of healing and one of the things I found that helped most was nature. I’d go for walks, daily, just to allow myself to breathe. I’d let the sun warm me when I felt numb. I collected cool rocks, leaves and other natural gifts as physical representations of my adventures. I looked after my little houseplants and my puppy, so I had something to concentrate on, get up for and love. I visited the sea to put things into perspective and to listen to the noise. I even got my element tattoos as a reminder for the part nature plays in keeping the world running – something I don’t think people recognise enough.

Most witchcraft is based around nature, intertwining our existence with other species so the cycle of life keeps turning. I’m going to leave things here open-ended because I think the ways in which we interact with nature are individual. I love visiting the sea and rivers, swimming in water, being around trees, listening to thunderstorms and basking in the sun. I know others who love rocks, climbing trees, cloudy days, collecting flowers, dirtying their hands with mud, sand between their toes. Everyone has a connection with nature somehow – find yours and focus on it.

Visualisations with Astrology

Astrology gets a really bad rep. And I think that’s unfortunate because whether you believe it’s real or not, astrology can have some really nice messages for you. I learnt to read my birth chart last year and found that the rather polar combination of my sun and moon signs were a lovely, succinct way to explain a complicated battle that had been waging in my being for as long as I can remember. Was the time of my birth to blame? Who knows. What matters is that I found some romantic, star-studded visualisation (my favourite form of explanation) to make those feelings make sense to me.

Why the focus on intentions?

“The day I decided that my life was magical there was suddenly magic all around me.” – Marabeth Quin

The main focus that weaves its way through my witchy practices, is intention. I think that when we focus, when we create a world around us that feels aligned, when we make conscious, clear choices – we’ll be happier, more fulfilled people. When we find an appreciation for little matters and actions, when we have simple ways of channelling our insides outwards, life becomes a lot more simple (although a lot more rich) and a lot more content, too. So I hope you can take these practices as well as the inspiration to create your own so that you, too, may bring a little magic to your life.

Find your magic. Love, Ella-Rose xx



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