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Abundance Mentality: The Three Principles of Happiness

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So much of how we experience the world is shaped by our perspective; the more positive and optimistic we can make our inside world, the more positivity we’ll find on the outside. One perspective I’ve been researching lately is an abundance mentality.

Having an abundance mentality centres around two main points. 1) There is always enough in the world for everyone to be fulfilled and content and 2) that every challenge, setback, problem, victory or lesson we face is a chance to learn something and evolve. It’s not a natural mindset to have – it takes work. Everything from TV ads to those closest to us can accidentally reinforce a lacking mindset.

“It’s not sunny enough to go out today”
“Have X problem? You need our product!”
“So-and-so got a new car last week, I’m so jealous”

Of course, nobody’s trying to force pessimism onto the world, but becoming more conscious in the small ways in which we doubt the world can make way for a huge shift in perspective and a huge boost to your happiness. With positivity, comes happiness, afterall. Let’s take a look at some mindset shifts to help us feel more abundant.

 ‘You never get beyond scarcity, you have to start beyond it’ – Tony Robbins

Think big

Dream big. Having an abundance mentality means believing that there’s enough in the world to fulfil everyone. That means you have the ability to create anything. We all have dreams, those ideas and fantasies that set our soul on fire. Chase them. Setting your aim too low is a quick route to regret and doubt.

Regularly pushing your boundaries and completing new challenges will help you build trust and faith with yourself and the world. As you face more and more setbacks, you’ll become more practised at learning from them and picking yourself up to try again. Having an abundance mentality means treating every situation as if it has something to offer (spoiler: they always do) and focusing on that fact, rather than anything that’s been lost or is a ‘could have been’.

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Discover contentedness

Competition is really good for us, it’s a great motivator and it’s built into our animal brains to want to compete with each other. But, sometimes this can turn into resentment for others’ happiness and success. This is a scarcity mindset. If we felt there was enough in the world to go around, we’d never have reason to be jealous of each other again.

We don’t begrudge others oxygen, because we’re faithful that we’ll never run out, that there’s more than enough to go around. But in a world where we had a limited supply, we’d see the same competitiveness over breathing that we see today over material, success, love and happiness.

Practice raising people up for their success. Be compassionate. Provide kindness and support as if you have an infinite supply. Other people’s success doesn’t threaten yours, we each have our own goals, lives, journeys and tasks. So stop comparing and start celebrating. You’ll find you’ll get it more in return, too.

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Embrace change

Despite our scarcity mindsets trying to push us to always achieve and crave more, it’s doesn’t make the journey easy for us. Along the way, scarcity plagues us with fear and resistance that makes us dread the outcome of change. You might find yourself on the cusp of achieving a goal, only to self-sabotage and run away. You might find yourself pushing friends and relationships away, as well as job and life opportunities.

Change is an integral part of life and that idea is central to an abundant mindset.

When we believe that the world has more than enough to go around, we learn not to hold too tightly to anything that we have, because we have faith that our needs will be met and that whatever we have we are fine. The things around us may change, but we know we’ll always have ourselves and that’s all you really need. No matter your situation, there are always positives and good to focus on.

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Cultivating a new mindset is really challenging, but like learning a language, the more of them you build and rebuild, the easier, more aware and more intuitive the process will become. You are your own sculptor. This is how you grow.

Keep it up. Love, Ella-Rose xx

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