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How to Get Inspired About Life in 5 Soul-Searching Steps

A mug of coffee with an inspirational quote to help you get inspired about life sits next to a plant and an open notebook where you can plan for how to get inspired about life.
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I’ve written before about how to get motivated, but I think as good as motivation is, it’s not a long-term solution. Motivation is the oomph and burst of energy you have to really knuckle down and go for something, but inspiration is the want to do them in the first place, long-term. It’s the love you wake up with life for. Without that, life feels a little listless and to me, as someone who’s always been naturally quite inspired, a little empty. As I’ve tried recently to go through my usual routines, I’ve found myself feeling less connected and immersed, less willing to get up and do things. I need to reignite that spark ~ let’s work together to discover how to get inspired, shall we?

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

How to get inspired in 5 steps:

What do you believe in?

Well, that’s a pretty big question – I hope you weren’t expecting this to be easy. Truly, I think inspiration comes from our individual loves for life, which themselves come from the lens we see life through, ie. our beliefs. Use this question as a prompt and begin collecting your beliefs and values. This can be anything from “I believe in God” to “I believe breakfast is important”.

Why do you bother getting up every morning?

We rise every day because we believe, one way or another, that there is reason to. It might not be a divinely intended reason or one from a set religion or set of values, you might just believe that you can make a difference or that it’s important to make the most of your time on Earth.

Once you have those beliefs written down, hold them close to your chest. Act in accordance with them. Life’s a blessing? Then appreciate every damn second of it. Everything’s valuable? Better start treating it as such. Of course, this list will continue to grow as you think of more things and it’ll stretch from complex, huge beliefs, to little details – both are equally important.

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What do you love?

If you’re feeling like you’re uninspired, knowing what you love might be tricky. Sometimes we unconsciously fence ourselves off from loving too much, especially when we feel uncertain. To love something is to put faith into it and there’s always a chance that that could come back to bite us. But, as safe as that mindset sounds, it’s a cynical, quiet path that won’t take you anywhere colourful. So make a list of the things you love, especially if you feel unsure. Include everything, from people to passions, to the temperature of your tea and the way you like your toast done.

Sometimes I like to do this as a creative exercise, writing my loves as a descriptive stream of consciousness. I like reading them, too. I’ve asked friends to write them with me and Pinterest is full of them. Even if they start a little awkward, you can always feel people’s happiness oozing from them by the end.

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What makes you feel good?

Alternatively: what’s your ideal day? What is non-negotiable for you? What makes you feel rubbish?

Now you have a list of things you love, how can they be incorporated into your life? What is guaranteed to make you feel happy? What’s guaranteed to make you smile? What mundane habits do you know keep you steady?

I always notice a general drop in my physical and mental happiness if I let my basic habits slip: water intake, time outside, eating healthy (this including occasional treats) and moving my body. They’re my foundation and they’re non-negotiable. After those, comes a long list of things I love doing, smells, habits, foods and activities that make me happy, that I do as much as I can.

Where do you find your peace?

This is one that might take some figuring out. It took me a long time to truly find my peace and I’m still learning about it today. Sometimes it’s a hobby or an action, sometimes a feeling, an aesthetic, a place, an atmosphere.

For me: cooking, cleaning, coffee shops, busy city streets with headphones in the rain, sunny forests and fields, windowsills in the dark, gardens, gyms, smiling, books, yoga, silent cups of tea, quiet early mornings. Sometimes places, sometimes things.

And of course, these things are just gateways. It’s always possible for you to find your peace, any place, any time, but especially whilst you’re learning and practising, having actions and objects can be really helpful.

What do you want?

Again, open-ended. Inspiration, motivation and action are a kind of circular feedback system. You have the foundational inspiration that helps you get up in the morning, feel content and want to do things, then your motivation, which gets you actually doing those things, and finally your action, your investment and fulfilment, will make you more inspired. That’s the key to how to really get inspired, because it just keeps snowballing. So, if we want to take action and prompt our inspiration, we need some ideas for where to put your energy.

Who do you want to be? What life do you want to live? What do you want to invest in?

Ask yourself and start making plans that you can put into action right away. Give yourself bitesize tasks to start tackling. Start slow and build yourself up. You’ll be flying before you know it.

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Learning how to get inspired doesn’t have to be as deep as it can sometimes seem. I think people label inspiration as something you either feel right now or don’t, not something you can work on, but after a bit of soul-searching, we’ll be one step closer ~ we’re on the journey together.

Keep that chin up 😊 Love, Ella-Rose xx



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