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How To Make Your Google Calendar Aesthetically Pleasing: Chrome Extensions for Changing the Background, Colours & More

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If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better for my productivity than feeling ✨inspired✨ and Google Calendar, at its default, being one of the cornerstones of how I plan at uni, is a little drab, let’s be honest. It’s plain white, the colour selection is minimal – how can we make it a little more inviting? Maybe to some people this sounds strange, but if you’re here reading this, you probably agree that there’s nothing more motivating than loading up your calendar and it feeling like you. So, today I’m sharing all my favourite chrome extensions for how to make your Google Calendar aesthetically pleasing!

Custom Calendar Background

The first extension on my list is the one I think is the most essential. The stark white background of Google Calendar is boring and so white, it’s almost hard to look at. This extension is really easy to use (tutorial above) and will refresh your calendar in seconds.

Check it out here.

More Colours for Calendar

The next extension allows you to change the colours of your calendar blocks to really make your Google Calendar aesthetic. You’ll be able to choose and assign new colours to each of your calendars, and have separate colours for reminders, tasks, etc. If you’re like me and you want to take this even further, you can even create new ‘calendars’ so you can colour code all of your to-dos. Organisation heaven.

Check it out here.

Google Calendar Weekend Highlighter

This simple little extension is something I’m really surprised isn’t a built-in feature! (although, if it were up to me, Google, they’d all be!). Especially if you have your personal and work calendars mixed, it’s important to be able to balance work and home by separating out your weekends. This handy extension allows you to colour your weekend days a specific colour (even if your weekends aren’t the traditional Saturday and Sunday!) so you can quickly separate them.

Check it out here.

Google Event Checker

This extension is less about prettiness and more about productivity. Google Event Checker gives you a handy little tickbox that strikesthrough your events once you’ve completed them. Not only do you get the satisfaction of ticking off your tasks, but this can also be handy when you’re ahead of the game and ticking off events in advance (look at you).

Check it out here.

Bonus Hidden Feature: Dim Past Events

Again, I’ll wonder aloud why this setting isn’t switched on by default, but hidden in Google Calendar’s settings (Settings>General>View Options) there’s a setting called ‘Reduce the brightness of past events’ that means your time blocks will become translucent after their time slot has passed. This is surprisingly helpful, especially if you have a busy calendar, to figure out where you are in the week.

There you have them – my beloved Chrome Extensions for making your Google Calendar more aesthetically pleasing. If you have any questions about using any of these extensions, make sure to check out my video tutorial on how to use them all and feel free to leave me questions in the comments either here or over on my video.

Now go, make that sh*t pretty. Love, Ella-Rose xx


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