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40+ Simple Habits To Have That Will Change Your Life

40+ Simple habits to have to change your life - girl in slipper socks and leggings sits on bed with her notepad for dream and habit ideas, next to a coffee, guitar and some cushions.
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I love habits. Really, I just love change. I love exploring new styles of living, seeing the effect of different changes in my everyday. But I haven’t committed to anything new in a while – my routines have turned a little flat. So, in starting new routines I decided a brainstorm all of my favourite habits to have: each one having made a huge impact to my life when I took it on. Looking for new habits to have? Well, here’s a couple of ideas.

“We become what we repeatedly do.” – Sean Covey

Health & wellness

  • Find an exercise you love and do it regularly
    • Benefit: Keeping fit and healthy is a huge boost for a range of things – your short and long-term health, posture, cognitive function, self-esteem, energy, confidence.
  • Drink more water
    • Benefit: Clear skin, better digestion, more intuitive hunger are among the benefits besides giving your body what it needs to function on its a-game.
  • Meal prep
    • Benefit: Save time, save money and plan your meals to suit your lifestyle and your health goals. And of course, spend less of your evening’s slaving in the kitchen, nutritious meals are always on hand.
  • Always make your bed
    • Benefit: Maybe it’s just me that’s super affected by my environment, but making my bed makes me feel more ready for the day, more accomplished and discourages me from crawling back in!
  • Practice mindful eating
    • Benefit: Ever taken ages cooking, only to finish eating your meal having barely tasted it? We can get so caught up in distractions that we forget to truly taste our food. Putting your distractions down and concentrating on your food will help you feel your hunger (or lack of) more accurately, digest your food better and enjoy it more – what’s not to love!
  • Make space for quiet time
    • Benefit: Quiet time is an excellent way to bond with your body and your mind. Taking just five minutes will help you process everything going on and give you some time to relax and breathe. I’d recommend having a space in the morning and the evening. Less stress, happier mind.
  • Find a way to move your body everyday (stretch and walk!)
    • Benefit: If you don’t like exercising, or are having a rest day, taking a short amount of exercise is still really beneficial for giving your body and your mind a boost during the day.
  • Eat at regular times
    • Benefit: Eating at regular intervals helps to improve your digestion and will help regulate your body so it knows when to expect food and when to concentrate on getting on with your day – say goodbye to pizza daydreams.
  • Sleep regularly
    • Benefit: As with eating, getting your body into a sleep routine helps your body realise when it’s actually tired and actually not. Having a nighttime routine helps you to tell your body when it’s time to winddown, helping you sleep better and faster.
  • Try a new recipe every week
    • Benefit: Everybody has their go-to meals (pretty sure I can make a stirfry blindfolded) but they can become a little too repetitive. Mixing it up and trying new meals will help you improve your cooking, excite your tastebuds and keep mealtime exciting.


  • Make regular dates with friends
    • Benefit: This is one of the best habits to have. You’re not thaaaat busy! Give a friend a call, go out for coffee, invite them over for dinner, send them something that reminds you of them. Reach out to your friends and keep strengthening your connections.
  • Attend clubs and meetings for your interests
    • Benefit: Making new friends can be tricky, but you’ll be surprised how successful you might be just by creating more opportunities for yourself. Start going to a club or meeting that focuses on one of your interests and reach out to like-minded people.
  • Compliment people
    • Benefit: There’s nothing better than a spontaneous compliment. When you think your friend looks cute – tell them! If you notice someone’s new haircut, let them know! Little words can make a big difference.
  • Smile and say hello to people in the street
    • Benefit: Gone, in many places, are the days of knowing your neighbours, but even if striking up a conversation seems a little out of socially acceptable reach, making an effort to smile and even say hello to people can make a massive difference to their day and yours. Smiles all round.

Personal development

  • Create personal goals
    • Benefit: With the whir of everyday, it becomes easy to see time passing in front of us. Setting yourself goals is a great way to make sure you’re always growing and evolving.
  • Try something new everyday
    • Benefit: It’s been a goal of mine recently to make something of everyday, even if that something involves me, jammies, some ice cream and a good film. By encouraging yourself to explore something new everyday, you’re increasing your interaction with the world, which means more opportunities and more to experience!
  • Read more
    • Benefit: This doesn’t have to be books, this could be the news, audiobooks and even things like podcasts, films and TV. By taking more in, again, you’re opening yourself up to the world more. The more you learn, the more you’ll have to experience.
  • Find role models who inspire you
    • Benefits: Having role models is so important! They’ll help to motivate and inspire you, open your eyes to new possibilities and keep you on track when you’re feeling low.
  • Start journaling
    • Benefits: Don’t get me started on journaling. Not only is it an excellent way to release your emotions and your thoughts into the world, but it’s a great way to record how you grow. Even looking back a month or two I can see how far I’ve come, the wonderful memories I’ve made and remember funny details (always write down your favourite song of the moment) about how life was.
  • Set daily intentions to challenge yourself
    • Benefits: Setting an intention everyday is like having a mini personal goal to achieve. I find using this method, I’m able to quickly implement little changes into my life that add up and stack overtime – it’s a slow process, but it keeps you growing and developing, little by little.
  • Trial waking up earlier (it’s not for everyone, but it’s worth a try!)
    • Benefits: This isn’t for everyone! Some are born night owls (although I, myself, have converted from the darkside) and excel at night – so you do you! Find the best time of day for you to succeed.

Aspiration & career

  • Create a life plan
    • Benefits: Life is a hell of a lot of fun when you’re spontaneous and free spirited, but it can also be really beneficial to have a goal about where you’re heading and what you want from life as it helps you better grab opportunities and keep motivated.
  • Invest in your savings account
    • Benefits: Even if you don’t have much leftover every month, try putting something into your savings account. It’ll soon add up and will help you create the life and experiences you really want in life.
  • Create a monthly budget
    • Benefits: A monthly budget is going to be different for everyone. But having one will benefit you, whoever you are. Not only will you be able to save more money, but you’ll be able to see whether you’re spending on things you really care about and make changes to be as smart as possible with what you invest in.
  • Do something charitable
    • Benefits: You’re helping someone else and you’re also helping yourself. Being passionate for causes and doing something charitable is going to boost how meaningful you feel your life is and your relationship with yourself and the world. Not to mention the massive difference every donation makes.

Productivity & organisation

  • Have folders for your important papers and receipts
    • Benefits: The amount of time I’ve spent hunting for receipts and documents is probably slightly ridiculous. So, to free myself of that stress, I now have one folder that I’ve organised for all my receipts, documents, papers and letters so I always know where to look if I need them – such good habits to have.
  • Set reminders for birthdays and events (and in advance to prepare!)
    • Benefits: Another little stress buster! Never forget a birthday or event again. I think the real gamechanger for me here was setting alarms in advance to prepare for birthdays and events. No more rushing to the shop for cards or upsettingly finding the outfit I wanted to wear screwed up in the wash.
  • Plan your outfits in advance
    • Benefits: This sounds like one of those extravagant habits to have, but it genuinely is very helpful. I love picking outfits, but I hate doing it on a time limit. A girl needs time to think! So planning your outfits in advance will mean everything’s ready to go and you can get ready, stress free.
  • Book your next appointments as soon as you’ve had your last one
    • Benefits: Because let’s face it – you’ll forget. If you book your next hair appointment as you leave the salon, you’ll know it’s all handled and dealt with and you won’t have any crazy fringe problems coming your way. One of those life-changing habits to have.
  • Create a daily routine (see my guides on morning routines and night routines)
    • Benefits: There’s a whole host of benefits for routines: being more productive, doing more of what you love, having time booked for breaks and relaxation, implementing new habits. It’s the best way to create your dream life, hands down.
  • Write everything down
    • Benefits: And I mean everything. Fill your phone notes with all the scribbles you can think of, all the ideas and thoughts and dates and to-dos and then regularly go through them and place them in more organised places. Your memory will improve by doing this and you’ll never forget those golden ideas.
  • Learn to declutter
    • Benefits: Decluttering is easily one of my favourite ways to refresh my life. If something doesn’t have a place in your life, get rid. You’ll learn to love and use everything you own that much more.
  • Put things away as soon as you’re finished with them
    • This prevents what I call pile ups. Those dreaded pile on your todo list that grow a larger and a little more daunting every day. Putting things away as you use them will help to keep everything in its place, easy to access and mean you never have to lose another weekend to a mammoth task.
  • Fill out tomorrow’s to-dos and agenda at the end of your day
    • Benefits: This is a great way to switch out of work-mode. When you transfer everything from your brain, to the page, ready for tomorrow, you’re essentially assuring all those niggling thoughts that you hear them and have everything under control. They’ll let you have your evening in peace.
  • Care for your things
    • Benefits: Set aside a little time each day to take care of something. Water your plants, clean your surfaces, fold your clothes – allow time for connection with the things you love. And of course, keep everything in tip top shape.

Fun & entertainment

  • Make regular space for your hobbies
    • Benefits: Sometimes it can be weeks between me sitting down to dedicate time to a hobby, so setting some time aside regularly helps you keep checked in with what you love to do. This helps to prevent burnout and keeps you a happier, less stressed, more interesting person! Need some ideas?
  • Find new topics to research
    • Benefits: Never stop learning! The world is so vast and the seas of knowledge we have access to are ever growing deeper. Researching new topics helps to broaden your worldview, peak your interest and open you up to new opportunities – what’s there to lose?
  • Dance with yourself on the regular
    • Benefits: This is one of those simple habits to have, mainly because it’s a lot of fun. You can really cultivate a strong connection with yourself by having spontaneous solo dance parties. Dance whilst you clean, dance whilst you cook, dance whilst you brush your teeth. Life’s one big dance party.
  • Have lists of shows and films you want to watch
    • Benefits: Ever sit down to watch something and find yourself still there, an hour later scrolling through Netflix? Start a watch list! Include and ask around for recommendations, note down ideas when they pop up and then simply pick from the list when you sit down – film night sorted!
  • Make seasonal/monthly bucket lists
    • Benefits: This is one of my favourite habits to have and I do it for every season. I love to feel in sync with my surroundings and make the most of each time of year, so I write bucket lists of things I’d like to do and tick it off. Otherwise summer passes in a blink without a single beach trip!
  • Hunt for new music
    • Benefits: We all love music. There’s something for every mood, situation, person, style – and it can help us feel each of these things more deeply. So, open your music library up and ask around (it’s a fantastic bonding tool!).

I could probably continue with this list forever. The number of changes and habits to have to improve your life are near infinite and that’s the beauty of it. What’re your life-changing habits to have?

Love, Ella-Rose xx

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  • Amber Page

    I love this! So many great tips! I try hard to drink lots of water and exercise! Great post!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

    • Ella-Rose

      Thanks so much! It’s soooo beneficial 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  • Faye

    Making regular dates with friends is a great one! Pre-covid me and a friend of mine decided to do something new at least every month this year together, whether it be try out a new restaurant, visit a new place or something else. Obviously it’s not possible at the moment with lockdown but when it’s safe again I’m sure we’ll pick it back up x

    • Ella-Rose

      I love that, that’s such a great idea! Shame it hasn’t worked out with everything going on, but definitely one to keep going 🙂 x

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