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Basic travel phrases for 40 European languages

Learn a language: basic travel phrases for 40 European languages - a picture of a European street for travelling, exploring and wanderlust in Europe
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I love travelling. But damn – it can be tricky, stressful and completely overwhelming sometimes. You’re throwing yourself into a new place, with new customs, unfamiliar food and products, a whole new way of life and trickiest of all, a different language. This blog will give you a few basic travel phrases to learn for each language in Europe.

Of course, I’m very fortunate that most countries in the world are accessible if you speak English. But, this doesn’t always make communicating easy and doesn’t apply to everywhere. Nor would I want it to! I travel to experience a different way of life, language included. So, no matter where I’m headed, I try and learn at least a few phrases to use in my travels.

Some points before we start:

  • All of the below are written with the Latin alphabet, not always the native alphabet, for better understanding
  • To try and keep this list simple and concise, I have excluded some languages and dialects – but to ensure the list is properly informative, let me know if you think I’ve missed one that should be on here
  • The languages are in alphabetical order so feel free to skip through 🙂

Basic Albanian phrases

Hello: Përshëndetje (pers-hen-det-je) or simply, alo!
Goodbye: Lamtumirë (lat-oo-mare)
Please: Ju lutem (yoo lootem)
Thank you: Faleminderit (fal-e-min-dare-it)
Yes: Po (poh)
No: Jo (yo)
How are you?: Si jeni? (see yen-ee)
I am well: Jam mirë (yam mee-reh)

Basics Bosnian phrases

Hello: Zdravo (zz-drah-voh. This can also be used as goodbye) or halo/alo
Goodbye: Zbogom (zz-boh-gohm)
Please: Molim te (moh-lim teh)
Thank you: Hvala ti (hah-vah-lah tee)
Yes: Da (dah)
No: Ne (neh)
How are you?: Kako si? (kah-koh see)
I am well: Dobro sam (doh-broh sahm)

Basic Bulgarian phrases

Hello: Zdraveĭte (zz-droh-vate)
Goodbye: Dovizhdane (dov-is-don-eh)
Please: Molya te (mohl-yah teh)
Thank you: Blagodarya ti (blag-o-dar-eh tee)
Yes: Da (dah)
No: Ne (neh)
How are you?: Kak ste? (kahk steh)
I am well: Dobre sŭm (doh-breh sum)

Basic Catalan phrases

Hello: Hola (o-la)
Goodbye: adéu (ad-ay-oh)
Thank you: gràcies (grah-see-os)
Yes: Sí (see)
No: No (n-oh)
How are you?: Com estàs? (coh-m eh-stah-s)
I am well: Estic bé (eh-stee-k b-eh)

Basic Croatian phrases

Hello: Zdravo (zz-drah-voh. Can also be used for goodbye)
Goodbye: Doviđenja (doh-vid-enya)
Please: Si us plau (see oos plow)
Thank you: Hvala vam (ha-vah-lah vam)
Yes: Sí (see)
No: No (noh)
How are you?: Com estàs? (com est-ah-s)
I am well: Estic bé (est-eek beh)

Basic Czech Phrases

Hello/goodbye: Ahoj (a-hoy)
Please: Prosím (proh-seem)
Thank you: Děkuji (dee-ek-oo-lee)
Yes: Ano (an-oh)
No: Ne (neh)
How are you? Jak se máš? (yak seh mash)
I am well: Je mi dobře (ye meh doh-b-reh)

Basic Danish Phrases

Hello: Hek (hi)
Goodbye: Farvel (favil)
Please: Vær venlig (ve-ar ven-lee)
Thank you: Tak skal du have (tak skal d-oo h-eh), or simply tak
Yes: Ja (yeh)
No: Ingen (ing) or nej (nigh)
How are you?: Hvordan går det? (hoov-or-dan g-or de)
I am well: Jeg har det godt (Ya har de got)

Basic Dutch phrases

Hello: Hallo (ha-low)
Goodbye: Vaarwel (var-vel)
Please: Alstublieft (all-stu-bleeft)
Thank you: Dank je (dank yeh)
Yes: Ja (ya)
No: Nee (neyh)
How are you?: Hoe gaat het met je? (hoe gart et met yeh?)
I am well: Ik ben in orde (ik ben in or-deh)

Basic Estonian phrases

Hello: Tere (te-re)
Goodbye: Hüvasti (hoo-vast-ee)
Please: Palun (pa-loon)
Thank you: Aitäh (ay-it-eh)
Yes: Jah (yah)
No: Ei (ey)
How are you?: Kuidas sul läheb? (koo-ee-das sool la-heb?)
I am well: Mul on hästi (m-oo-l on hast-ee)

Basic Finnish phrases

Hello: Hei (hey)
Goodbye: Hyvästi (hoo-vast-eh)
Please: Ole kiltti (oh-le kill-tee)
Thank you: Kiitos (key-toss)
Yes: Joo (yoh)
No: Ei (ay)
How are you?: Mitä kuuluu? (meta koh-loh)
I am well: Voin hyvin (voy-n hoovin)

Basic French phrases

Hello: Bonjour (bon-jure)
Goodbye: Au revoir (oo rev-wa)
Please: S’il vous plaît (see voo pley)
Thank you: Merci (mer-see)
Yes: Oui (wee)
No: Non (no-n)
How are you?: Comment allez-vous? (com-on-t a-le-voo?)
I am well: Je vais bien (j-eh ve bee-an)

Basic Galician phrases

Hello: Ola (oh-la)
Goodbye: Adeus (ad-oos)
Please: Por favor (p-or fav-or)
Thank you: Grazas (gra-si-as)
Yes: Si (see)
No: Non (no-yn)
How are you?: Como estás? (Com-oh est-ahs)
I am well: Estou ben (es-toh b-eyn)

Basic German phrases

Hello: Hallo (ha-low)
Goodbye: Auf wiedersehen (ow-f vee-der-sen)
Please: Bitte (bit-er)
Thank you: Danke (danker)
Yes: Ja (ya)
No: Nein (n-eye-n)
How are you?: Wie gehts? (vee gehts)
I am well: Mir geht es gut (mere geh-t es goot)

Basic Greek phrases

Hello: Geiá sou (geh-a so)
Goodbye: antio sas (ad-ee-oh sas)
Please: Sas parakaloúme (sas para-kaloom-eh)
Thank you: Sas efcharistó (sas efar-isto)
Yes: Naí (neh)
No: Óchi (oh-he)
How are you?: Pós eísai? (poh-s ee-suh)
I am well: Eímai kalá (ee-m-eye kah-lah)

Basic Hungarian phrases

Hello: Szia (see-ah – also goodbye)
Please: Kérem (keh-rem)
Thank you: Köszönöm (kuh-zon-um)
Yes: Igen (ee-gen)
No: Nem (nem)
How are you?: Mi újság? (mee oo-shag)
I am well: jól vagyok (yol vag-yok)

Basic Icelandic phrases

Hello: Halló (ha-loh)
Goodbye: Bless (bless)
Please: Vinsamlegast (vin-sam-le-ahst)
Thank you: Takk fyrir (tahk fiyr)
Yes: Já (yar)
No: Nei (ney)
How are you?: Hvernig hefurðu það? (ver-neg he-fuh-thu thath)
I am well: Mér líður vel (mer lith-uh vel)

Basic Irish phrases

Hello: Dia dhuit (dee-ah h-oo-et)
Goodbye: Slán (sluhn)
Please: Le do thoil (le doo hooel)
Thank you: Go raibh maith agat (go ra ma agat)
Yes: Sea (sh-eh)
No: Níl (neel)
How are you?: Conas tá tú? (conas ta too)
I am well: Tá mé go maith (ta meh goh ma)

Basic Italian phrases

Hello: Ciao (chow – also used for goodbye)
Please: Per favore (per fav-or-eh)
Thank you: Grazie (grat-zee-eh)
Yes: Sì (see)
No: No (noh)
How are you?: Come va? (com-eh vah)
I am well: Sto bene (stoh beneh)

Basic Latvian phrases

Hello: Sveiki (svay-key – can also be used for goodbye)
Goodbye: Ardievas (ardee-ev-as)
Please: Lūdzu (lood-zoo)
Thank you: Paldies (pal-dee-es)
Yes: Jā (yah)
No: Nē (neh)
How are you?: Kā tev iet? (kah tev ee-et)
I am well: Man iet labi (man ee-et labee)

Basic Lithuanian phrases

Hello: Sveiki (svay-key)
Goodbye: Atsisveikina (atsis-vey-kinah)
Please: Prašau (pra-soo)
Thank you: Ačiū (a-choo)
Yes: Taip (tayp)
No: Ne (neh)
How are you?: Kaip laikaisi? (k-ay-p lay-kay-soo)
I am well: Man gerai (man geh-ray)

Basic Luxembourgish phrases

Hello: Moien (moy-en)
Goodbye: Äddi (ah-dee)
Please: Wann ech glift (vu-an etch glift)
Thank you: Merci (mer-see)
Yes: Jo (yoh)
No: Nee (nee)
How are you?: Wéi geet et? (vee geet et)
I am well: Je vais bien (jah veh bee-un)

Basic Macedonian phrases

Hello: Zdravo (zz-drah-voh)
Goodbye: zbogum (zz-boh-goom)
Please: Te molam (teh moh-lahm)
Thank you: Vi blagodaram (vee blah-goh-drah-rahm)
Yes: Da (dah)
No: Ne (ney)
How are you?: Kako si? (kahkoh see)
I am well: Dobro sum (doh-broh soom)

Basic Maltese phrases

Hello: Bongu (boh-ng-oo)
Goodbye: Ċaw (chow)
Please: Jogħġbok (yojobok)
Thank you: Grazzi (grah-t-zee)
Yes: Iva (ee-vah)
No: Le (leh)
How are you?: Kif int? (kif int)
I am well: Jien tajjeb (yee-en t-eye-eb)

Basic Norweigan phrases

Hello: Hallo (hah-loh)
Goodbye: Ha det (hah deh)
Please: Vær så snill (vah shuh snee)
Thank you: Takk skal du ha (tahk skahl doo hah)
Yes: Ja (yah)
No: Nei (n-eye)
How are you?: Hvordan har du det? (hoov-dahn har doo deh)
I am well: Jeg har det bra (y-eye har deh brah)

Basic Polish phrases

Hello: Witaj (vit-eye)
Goodbye: Do widzenia (doh vid-zen-ee-ah)
Please: Proszę (proh-zeh)
Thank you: Dziękuję Ci (djeh-n-koo-eh chee)
Yes: Tak (tahk)
No: Nie (nee-eh)
How are you?: Jak się masz? (yahk seh mahs)
I am well: Jest mi dobrze (yeh-st mee doh-brzeh)

Basic Portuguese phrases

Hello: Olá (oh-lah)
Goodbye: Tchau (chow)
Please: Por favor (por fah-vor)
Thank you: Obrigado (oh-bree-gah-doh)
Yes: Sim (seem)
No: Não (now)
How are you?: Como você está? (coh-moh vos-ee ee-stah)
I am well: Eu estou bem (eh-oo estoh behm)

Basic Romanian phrases

Hello: Buna (boo-nah)
Goodbye: La revedere (lah reh-veh-deh-reh)
Please: Vă rog (vah roh-g)
Thank you: Mulțumesc (moo-l-too-meh-sc)
Yes: Da (d-ah)
No: Nu (n-oo)
How are you?: Ce mai faci? (cheh m-eye fah-ch)
I am well: Sunt bine (soo-nt bee-neh)

Basic Russian phrases

Hello: Zdravstvuyte (z-drah-v-stoo-eet-yeh)
Goodbye: Proshchay (preh-shay)
Please: Pozhaluysta (poh-z-hah-loo-stah)
Thank you: Spasibo (spah-see-boo-ah)
Yes: Da (dah)
No: Net (nee-et)
How are you?: Kak vashi dela? (kah-k vah-shee dee-lah)
I am well: U menya vse v poryadke (oo meh-n-yah soh v par-yah-d-keh)

Basic Sardinian phrases

Hello: Salude (sah-loo-deh)
Goodbye: Ciao (chow)
Please: Pro piaghere (proh pee-ah-greh)
Thank you: Gratzias (grah-t-zee-as)
Yes: Ei (ee-y)No: No (n-oh)
How are you?: Cuménti stáis (coo-meh-nt-ee st-eye-see)
I am well: Deu seu béni (day-oo say-oo beh-nee)

Basic Scottish Gaelic phrases

Hello: Halò (h-ah-l-oh)
Goodbye: Beannachd leibh (bee-an-ack-d lee-bh)
Please: Ma ‘se ur toil e (mah seh uh-r toh-l)
Thank you:Tapadh leibh (tah-pah-d leh-bh)
Yes and no: Gaelic has no words for yes and no so they use the English words. Otherwise, the closest is yes: tha (thah) meaning ‘there is’ and ‘chan eil’ (h-y-ah-n eh-l) for ‘not’ or ‘nothing’.
How are you?: Ciamar a tha sibh fhein? (kee-ah-m-ar ah thah shif f-hay-n)
I am well: Tha gu math (tah goo mah-th)

Basic Serbian phrases

Hello: Zdravo (z-drah-voh)
Goodbye: Zbogom (zoh-goh-m)
Please: Molimo vas (moh-lee-moh vahs)
Thank you: Hvala vam (hv-ah-lah vahm)
Yes: Da (d-ah)
No: Ne (n-eh)
How are you?: Kako si? (kah-koh see)
I am well: Dobro sam (doh-broh sahm)

Basic Sicilian phrases

Hello: Salutamu (sah-loo-tah-moo)
Goodbye: Ni videmu (nee vid-eh-moo)
Please: Pi favuri (p-ee fah-voo-ree)
Thank you: Grazii (grah-t-zee)
Yes: Se (s-eh)
No: No (n-oh)
How are you?: Comu si? (coh-moo s-ee)
I am well: Bonu (boh-noo)

Basic Slovak phrases

Hello: Ahoj (ah-hoy)
Goodbye: Zbohom (zboh-hohm)
Please: Prosím (proh-seem)
Thank you: Ďakujem (Djah-kwee-em)
Yes: Áno (ah-no)
No: Žiadny (jee-ah-dnee)
How are you?: Ako sa máš? (akoh sah mash)
I am well: Mám sa dobre (mahm sah doh-breh)

Basic Slovenian phrases

Hello: Zdravo (zdrah-voh)
Goodbye: Zbogom (zboh-gohm)
Please: Prosim (proh-seem)
Thank you: Hvala vam (hvah-lah vahm)
Yes: Da (dah)
No: Ne (neh)
How are you?: Kako si? (kah-koh see)
I am well: Dobro sem (doh-broh sum)

Basic Spanish phrases

Hello: Hola (oh-la)
Goodbye: Adiós (ad-ee-os)
Please: Por favor (por fah-vor)
Thank you: Gracias (grah-see-as)
Yes: Si (see)
No: No (n-oh)
How are you?: Qué tal (keh tahl)
I am well: Estoy bien (es-toy bee-en)

Basic Swedish phrases

Hello: Hej (hey)
Goodbye: Adjö (ah-jeh)
Please: Snälla du (snah-lah doo)
Thank you: Tack (tahk)
Yes: Ja (ya)
No: Naj (nay)
How are you?: Hur mår du? (hoo mor du?)
I am well: Jag mår bra (yag mor brah)

Basic Turkish phrases

Hello: Merhaba (mer-hah-bah)
Goodbye: Güle güle (goo-leh goo-leh)
Please: Lütfen (loot-fun)
Thank you: Teşekkür ederim (tes-ekur ed-eh-rim)
Yes: Evet (eh-veht)
No: Hayır (ha-yir)
How are you?: Nasılsın? (nah-sil-sun)
I am well: Lyiyim (ee-yim)

Basic Ukranian phrases

Hello: Zdravstvuyte (zdrah-vost-uet-eh)
Goodbye: Do pobachennya (doh poh-bah-chen-yah)
Please: Bud laska (bood lah-skah)
Thank you: Dyakuyu (dee-ak-oo-yoo)
Yes: Tak (tahk)
No: Ni (nee)
How are you?: Yak spravy? (yahk sprah-vey)
I am well: Ya v poryadku (yah c por-yahd-koo)

Basic Welsh phrases

Hello: Helo (heh-loh)
Goodbye: Hwyl fawr (hew-l faw-re)
Please: Os gwelwch yn dda (os gwel-uch un ha)
Thank you: Diolch (dee-ohlk)
Yes: Ie (ee-eh)
No: Na (nah)
How are you?: Sut wyt ti? (soot wit tee)
I am well: Dwi’n iach (dwee-n ee-ahk)

And there you are, a complete list of the basic travel phrases for 40 European languages! Study this list or take it with you and you’ll be able to talk your way all over Europe! Pin (see below) or bookmark this page so you always have these essential phrases on hand.

Helpful resources for learning a language:

Forvo – pronunciation tool with clips of locals pronouncing words and phrases
Wikibooks – pronunciation guides (just search for ‘pronunciation *language name*)
YouTube – a wealth of video resources
Duolingo – a great app for learning many languages, on the go
Memrise – another great app with more diverse and realistic listening exercises

Happy travels! Love, Ella-Rose x

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